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Case Study: DivorceForcePRO Creates New Streams of Revenue & Referrals for Members



DivorceForcePRO isn’t just for connecting with potential clients. This comprehensive, searchable database of divorce professionals provides extraordinary networking opportunities that can lead to new streams of revenue and referrals for members. Experts run the gamut across the industry—from finance, legal, mental health and real estate specialists, to many others. A wide selection of customizable listings and personalized profiles ensures members and their respective services reach its audience of more than 1 million active users, as well as each other.

Divorce support, strategy and personalized coaching firm The Resolvancy founder and life coach Taryn Kristal and New York-based divorce attorney Steven Gildin are just two who’ve utilized its diverse resources to improve and grow their businesses. They linked up on the site and quickly discovered just how advantageous this referral system is. 

Hoping to provide relief to divorce attorneys typically bearing the brunt of divorce-related emotions, Kristal began searching the DivorceForcePRO directory for a family attorney in her area. 

“A lot of times lawyers are not equipped to handle the emotional aspect, but it is part of their job,” explains Kristal, who helps clients navigate their emotions during the divorce process. “I can create a relationship with the client and help work through the emotional roadblocks. I found Steven on DivorceForcePRO and reached out to him to explain how I can help make his time more efficient.  He wrote back immediately.

“We really hit it off from the onset, because although we are in different parts of the same space, we're very like-minded in our approaches with the human condition,” adds Gildin.

Clients describe Gildin as caring—not just about the case, but about their mental health. He says he’s both aggressive in his case management and compassionate toward what his clients are going through. Gildin also understands the need for guidance throughout this life-changing process. 

That’s where Kristal comes in.

“She's the support,” he explains. “People need to deal with the feelings in one place and the facts in another. Clients need to get through the emotional aspects so they can make good decisions. When clients are going through a divorce, it's very emotional. And that clouds our natural ability to make good decisions. Taryn is there to help a person sort through that, which makes my job a lot easier.”

Within one week of connecting, Gildin referred two clients to Kristal, who reciprocated with a referral. The two were immediately shocked by how this simple connection could improve their businesses and their clients’ lives. 

“The clients have all had positive feedback, both about myself and Steven,” says Kristal. “Having this team approach is so powerful and beneficial. Divorce is all about support, and the more support you can provide and the more ways in which you're providing it, makes for an overall better experience for the client.”

With new revenue and referral streams and happier clients, how can you go wrong? Kristal and Gildin find it important for all DivorceForcePRO members to take advantage of the networking opportunities available to them. 

Search for a professional you can start a referral program with. For instance, if you’re a lawyer, search for a divorce coach, a real estate appraiser and a forensic accountant. Cultivate new business relationships and referral systems, then watch your business grow.

“It’s beneficial for professionals to understand that you can network directly on the platform,” adds Kristal. “It's not just for sourcing new clients, but also, there's other ways to gain new business.  I'm now a new referral and revenue stream for Steven and vice versa."

To take advantage of these benefits and begin connecting with your colleagues, browse DivorceForcePRO now. If you’re not a member yet, join today!