I've been separated since April 1st 2016. I thought we would work things out and save our marriage. I thought that's what we both wanted. But, I found out he was spending alone time with his teenage son's girlfriend's mom. She was in the middle of a divorce. He lied to me about her for months and then I seen them out together alone. That should have been enough for me to let him go and start to move on. But, it hasn't. I don't trust him anymore. And, yesterday I received a separation agreement via email from his attorney. I've never been so disapointed in someone as I am him. He was supposed to be the 'one' . But, clearly he is not. And what makes it even worse is we have a 7 year old daughter together so I have to see him and speak to him. And, we only live 8 miles apart. I felt my heart ache a little more when I opened the email. And, what's sad is he put in the papers he would continue to pay for our daughters private school as long as I didn't ask for child support. This is coming from a man who makes triple what I make and owns his home outright while I'm paying over 1,000.00 a month for an apartment. Why isn't this enough for me to let go and move on?