My soon to be ex and I separated last August. We initially tried mediation and then it broke down. I was served with custody papers a week after losing my dad in Feb. after experiencing many other events in the same week. It was like my world fell apart. I attended court with my mom and was advised by the referee in family court to retain an attorney. I spoke with two and selected one to represent me. He told me it would be around 5k for the divorce. We then ended up back at mediation as per my recommendation and I agreed to everything he proposed. I then was advised to provide him with my tax return ( I made a lot of money at my previous job, but am no longer there and am now making a fraction of what I made). He called off the mediation agreement and went back to lawyers. Now over 7k into legal fees and NOTHING is resolved. Next court date on 9-27 for custody in family court. My lawyer filed a motion to consolidate to the supreme court. He barely pays me child support for our 6 and 1 year old. I have been paying my $3900 mortagge since he left last August in addition to daycare, healthcare including his, school supplies etc. How shall I proceed? can I represent myself after the custody is finalized? If it is all based on facts and figures, what do I have to lose? I will incur another 30k in lawyer fees and I am broke. If it is equitable distribution, will they take into consideration that we had separate accounts for years and that I have been paying for the house that is solely in my name (purchased after we were married though) for the last 13 months? I don't seem to get answers and I feel like the lawyers just want to fight and bill us. He seems fine with it, but I am not. This money should be going to our children, not attorneys.