Hi I am in a quandary. My husband and I have been together since 2008 and we have had some good times. I have children from a previous relationship plus we have two children together. All the children are happy and stable. This issue is how i feel about him and the marriage. I have become increasingly resentful of how I am treated by him. We both earn, I earn far more. Despite that, he deos little housework and it's stupid things like not ever cleaning the loo or changing the sheets on the bed.I feel like a skivvy. There is no romance and he pesters and pressures for sex, implying that it is my duty. I find the whole thing a complete turn off as i feel resentful of his laziness and refusal to be a 50% partner in running the house and paying the bills and sex had just become another chore I am meant to complete before i can get some sleep and start doing it all again the next day. You could say that the joy has gone out of our relationship. he refuses flatly to see a therapist. he says i should talk to him but he ignores my obvious pissed offness. What next?