My wife is a social worker and has done nothing but lie. I've done nothing but tell the truth and it's been horrible. She said I was going to hurt her and kidnap our children. She has done so many unthinkable things since our seperation it has been crazy. We were together for 13 years, and agreeing to allow her family members move in, she kicked me out after I found them doing drugs in my house. I am the bad person though, she was given full custody and when her junkie sister was watching my children at the pool, my 2 year old fell into the pool and had to be saved by the lifeguard. Think that changed custody issues? No her buddies at CPS decided to say it was an accident, and stuff like this happens. Even my attorney was in disbelief. She stalked my facebook and called the police on me after I posted on how crazy the year has been. The cop thought she was crazy but had to talk to me anyhow. I no longer have facebook, but still have deal with all the craziness. The other day she asked if she could bring our children to Disney and I told her no the court order days the children are not to leave the state, because of her false claim of me waiting to kidnap our children. Karma is what I told her, and now it seems as her lies are coming back to haunt her. How do you deal with someone like this? All I want is to be civil and co parent our children.