Hi everyone, I need some ideas so been married 16 years to an Army officer. This last deployment he. Cheated with a Swiss female officer and kept the relationship going long distance even after he came home to me and his three kids...he even went on "vacation" by himself to see some buddies from the deployment aka he went to meet her family. I got proof even emailed her and he swore it was over to find out 5 months later it wasn't....there's more but I'll save it for another post. Oh he's a narcissist FYI. My question is how do get out of this relationship without causing collateral damage. I can't stay with him but I get conflicting information about what's best for the family. I have moved into a spare bedroom to get some separation but he just comes in in the morning for sex whether I say no or not. I'm working on getting my feet underneath me since most of our marriage I've been a stay at home mom and army wife so my skill set right now is army family life, coaching and personal training. Any ideas are welcome. Thank you😊