I have thought about divorce every single day of my very short marrige.
I love my husband but he is kind of a crappy father to out 18 month old son. He doesn't play with him, take care of him, feed him or comfort him. Getting him to change a diaper is like pulling teeth. I am afraid to leave him alone with the baby because he just doesn't watch him.
He is extremely emotionally distant with me. He will go out of his way to find something to occupy his time so that he doesn't have to really interact with me. I know he's not having an affair, he just really doesn't have the time and quite frankly I don't think he would put in that kind of effort into anything.
He has some serious anger issues that he refuses to get help for.
I have told him over and over that if he doesn't get his act together I will leave him. He will be better for a few days then he will be back to square one.
I think he blames me and the baby for his unhappiness..
Half of me want to wait until the baby is older to see if maybe my husband is still adjusting to marrige and father hood, but the other half of me wants to run for the hills.