My parents' divorce lasted 12 years. During these 12 years, I have had many outrageous experiences. My mother once called the police on me because I wanted to take my xbox from her house to my father's house. Sadly, this was not the worst experience. I was scared of my mother when I was a kid and, as a result, I would listen to anything she said. She once told me where my father kept his cash. She insisted that I take the stash of cash and bring it back to her. I did exactly as she asked because of how scared I was of her. The next time I visited my father, he started questioning me about whether anyone had been in his room, or if I allowed someone in the apartment while I was not home. Obviously I answered no to all of his questions, but words cannot describe the guilt I felt. I betrayed my father because I was easily manipulated. Nothing I say or do can makeup for what I did and I still feel guilty to this day. All you parents out there that are currently getting divorce, make sure you keep your children out of your battles. Although your children may be young and you think they do not know what is happening, they do. They will remember everything, especially outrageous experiences such as the ones I have shared.