I've been married 10 1/2 years. One day he comes home and is a totally different man. His voice and even his actions changed. I don't know this person. My husband has hardly ever been cross with me and now every conversation is hate filled. He went to a class reunion and I have no doubt he slept with someone there. I've gotten confirmation about that. I have reached out to him and told him I can forgive and forget but it's like he did it to push me away. We are both remarried. He has 3 grown daughters and I have one that is 15. She was devastated. He still contacts and provides for her which he has always done. (Her biological dad doesn't support her). I know his daughters have always hated me because I'm closer to their age than his. I am 13 years younger than he. The only people he talks to are his kids and I can only imagine how much they love this and what kind of advice they are giving him. One of the main reasons I married him was because I thought he'd be a great role model for my daughter. He has always had a firm belief in God. We've always said God put us together
Because there was no possible way we could have met otherwise. But now he has turned his back on me and the vows he took. I know we could work through our problems if we started communicating. I got fired from a job and had chronic health issues that lead me into depression. He feels like he's been carrying the burden for all of us (and he has). And he says he is done. I know our love was true but I also know there is other forces at work to keep him so committed to his decision. I've gotten medication and therapy and I know I have a long journey to be perfect, but I'm too afraid that he will finalize the divorce and run for the hills. How can I reconnect on a logical level to begin a conversation he will
participate in?