I can't believe this has happened to me! My best friend for 10 years, married for 6, told me before I got on an airplane back home he thinks we should get a divorce. I was devastated. My heart hurt and my head was confused the whole ride home and hours of layovers. I tried to look back at our relationship up until then and it seemed like everything was fine besides normal bickering. He would always say we don't fight that often, but his mind changed and said all we did was fight. As he picked me up from the airport, he looked sad, hugged me, but didn't kiss me. He wasn't wearing his wedding ring. He told me over and over that he wasn't happy and that he's done hurting. He wants to make himself happy instead of everyone else. I tried to ask if there was anything we could do, he said he will not go to counseling. He married me and raised my children from a previous marriage. It turns out he was talking to a 25 year old family friend who is a girl, about our problems. He also told his family and our friends, and boss that he was unhappy and thought about leaving me....before he told me! I'm still hurting.....he's been out of the house for 3 weeks now. Left me here with past due bills, broken washer machine, and a broken heart! Please help me with some advice if anyone has any!