I need help. I have no one to talk to. I have no friends or family. My wife left me a year ago for another man. She has never stopped hurting me since. I have lost everything it the last year my vehicle my house my kids my life. I'm so depressed and I hate taking every breath each day. We moved across the country 6 years so left me stranded when she left. I hate my life and wish I could just die. I miss my kids so much but her boyfriend won't let her bring them to me since I have no car. They stole money from me that would have saved me. I was homeless on the street for 2 months. I just now was able to get a roommate so I can afford a place. She has everything and doesn't care about me at all. Im tired. I'm sick. No one will help me at all I can't even get a ride to see my 2 boys. I hate this shitty world and all the pain it's put me through I don't deserve this. I just want to hug my boys but I cant.