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Hurting bad

Just found out my husband of 34 yrs had another family for the last 30 yrs - hurt like crazy - hes chose the other family - having panic attavks
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Laura Bonarrigo

over 1 year ago

Dear Cutiepie, <br>I'm so sorry for your pain! Of course, you are hurting bad and having panic attacks! Please find yourself some professional help... read more

Lisa Gabardi, Ph.D.

over 1 year ago

Hello Hurting bad, <br>Of course this hurts like crazy, you are experiencing an extreme betrayal. Of course you are experiencing anxiety, your body... read more

CJ Grace, Infidelity Author

over 1 year ago

There’s good reason why infidelity is legal yet bigamy is a crime. It takes the scale of deception and betrayal to a whole new level. Aside from... read more

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