My wife is a service member stationed in the UK and we were on the brink of Divorce last Feb. We were separated by continents due to me just going through the process of separating from the military. We were separated for 6 months after only 3 months of marriage. I missed a birthday, Christmas (her favorite holiday), and Valentine's Day. The arguments over the phone increased and I was irritated that she would ignore my calls sometimes or not call or text me more often. Add the stress of trying to plan a wedding ceremony and reception for our loved ones stateside and it was an inflammatory separation. She called last February in tears asking for a divorce. I immediately came over and tried to repair our marriage. With a little bit of Marriage Counseling, prayer, and luck, things started to turn around. Or so I thought. We were happy for a time and I was a dependent in the truest sense of the word. She worked and I stayed home and kept the house clean (most of the time) and took care of our two dogs. She told me she was fine with me not working as long as I was going to school to use my GI Bill. But she wanted me to sit down and think hard on what I wanted to study and the career path I want to take before committing myself to a major. It's now been a year since I've held a job and I had just started school last month. Her growing discontent has bubbled over and she demanded I get a job since last October. I must admit that I was dragging my feet in getting my act together and she has been patient at first but had been unsatisfied with my lack of ambition. Now she's pulling the trigger again and is sticking with her decision. I don't blame her. I love her and don't want a divorce but I will accept her decision because that is all I can do. By no means does this mean I am giving up on our marriage. We sleep in separate rooms and we are cordial with each other and even laugh and joke sometimes but the closeness is not there. The weight of our looming future is on our minds and has been sapping our energy. She wants me to finish my semester before I head home and I walk on eggshells in our home. I want to save us so much but I'm scared this was the last straw for her.