I am a bit confused...
Back story...
My spouse kept putting his entire pay in to joint account even after I told him to begin to take out money at least half, after each suggestion he would say, "we'll discuss it later or I'll need discuss it with my attorney" I still paid the household bills and essentially lived like I always had, grocery shopped and went to dinner. He saw my activity in the account but still refused to take money out or say anything about the accounts use.
My spouse and I officially separated as of August 1, I file for divorce on Aug 16, he still put his pay in the bank. I filed for spousal support on Aug 29th. On Sept. 20 I was given 7 days to change the household bills to my name which I complied with. My spouse sent his attorney to the Spousal Support conference on Oct 2. I thought we could be amicable, so I took less than the support obligation, after we agreed to the amount his attorney said they wanted a Support Master Hearing for overpayment because my spouse put his entire paycheck in the bank...he has a spreadsheet of all I spent, ok but why didn't you take the money out than or say something?
Hearing is set for next week, Nov 7th... in Pennsylvania all evidence to be presented at the Master Hearing must be submitted to other party 7 days prior to hearing which was Oct 31...guess who never supplied the spread sheet in time even though his attorney has had this spreadsheet since Oct 9th. I have emails from myself to my spouse requesting the spreadsheet, my attorney sent emails, my attorney made phone calls but still did not receive the now infamous spreadsheet. My attorney and my spouse's attorney both signed and initialed a document saying they understood this paper and would comply.
My question is will the Support Master still look at the spreadsheet, will they re-run the numbers for his support obligation? We sent my recent pay stubs and the taxes that are due on Oct 30th, so I could ask the Master to have him help with the taxes since he was technically a resident until August 1st.
Does anyone have experience in PA in regards to Spousal Support?