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help me stop texting my ex

5 months ago I found out my husband of 17 years had been cheating for years. We were honestly happy and he said if I hadn't found out he would never have left the marriage. I kicked him out, tried to work on it, went to therapy, but he won't talk, won't explain and has been so dismissive. I know I can move on, but I get overwhelmed and text him. I know I shouldn't. I've blocked his number, had friends who let me text them instead. How do I stop this???
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CJ Grace, Infidelity Author

over 1 year ago

You’ve got to find some way to break the pattern. A good therapist might be able to help you. Take up a new sport, learn a foreign language,... read more


over 1 year ago

thanks so much for your awesome responses. this was super helpful


over 1 year ago

I just went thru that phase with my ex. I would think of things to text him about, just to have his attention. And afterwards to feel sad and angry... read more

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