Does the feeling of anger & betrayal ever go away?
It's been over a year since I found out my ex had an affair. We've been divorced for a couple months and I still have days filled with those feelings. Sure I have way more good days than bad, but does it really ever go away?

The real shitty part is she got involved with another married man (Yes another affair), to boot both men used to be friends of mine. 3 marriages wrecked in less than a year. Nothing like getting smacked in the face twice! Sadly she new none of these people till we started dating. It's like I let the fox loose in the hen house. I know it's not my fault.

She walks around like it's not a big deal/another day in paradise, and the rest of us are emotionally wounded, not to mention all the confused kids caught in this tragedy. I do my best to answer my little guy's (with as little information/details as I can) his what/why questions about how come we're not together anymore.