So my wife of 12 years (lesbian relationship) and I were together and happily married for the most part. We met a couple on Periscope. We ended up becoming very close with the wife, Brandy. The wife Brandy ended up visiting us from Utah. And I immediately felt something was off. My wife started behaving strangely , I brought this too her attention but she ignored me. Then right before Christmas she tells me it's over. The next day my friend Brandy tells us her marriage is over. My wife would leave to Utah to be with Brandy for days on end all the while saying they were just best friends. To me this was an emotional affair. We have two kids and still live together co-parenting but I just found out yesterday that Brandy and my ex made love , and they are now seriously dating. My ex wants me to live with her until our friends nasty divorce is over in Utah. I want to leave the home but this is already hard enough on our children so I feel I should stay. I suppose my question is i just need advice. I feel betrayed and alone. Especially since my ex doesn't want us to announce our divorce yet. I have no family to turn too. Also my ex has told me I cannot date until I leave yet she is dating. And my job is potentially at stake because my ex wife OWNS it !