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Confused and broken

Wondering if we should divorce or try to work things out. He's cheated on me several times through our relationship. He has been verbally and physically abusive at times but of course he always says sorry. He has promised to go to counseling for his anger and wants us to go as a couple to try to work things out but I don't know if I can take any more heartache.
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9 months ago

I'm sorry you're feeling very confused by this rollercoaster and empty promises. I would encourage you to read your question you posted as if it... read more

CJ Grace, Infidelity Author

9 months ago

He’s angry, prone to violence, verbally abusive and keeps cheating on you. What’s to like about this man? However good the sex might be, however... read more


9 months ago

That is a great idea. One I can't believe I never considered.

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