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Cheater and I'm heartbroken

My husband had an affair for two weeks and left our marriage of 30 years for a woman 16 years younger who he didn't even really know. Three weeks later they moved in together. I never saw it coming. He was loving and I thought he was my soul mate right up to the time he said he's leaving. It's been 8 months since I filed for divorce and I'm still devastated. I have adult children. We were all so close and now my husband has pitted the the kids against each other. One daughter won't speak to him and my other two kids do. Now he hates me and allows his mistress to attack my daughter that doesn't speak to him and myself. i found out the minute he met this woman he took her to $1000 a night hotel trips, took her on our yacht, which was our second home in the summer and sex with her in my bed several times. He took her to Aruba and various trips and took her to the same resort where we honeymooned all within a few months. This woman was living with her ex for 10 years and comes from the poorest section of a town in ct. my husband now supports her and buys her kids, who are adults, with money and jobs. We own our own company. We all know this woman is with him for his money and lifestyle. his kids and his own family members know this. He doesn't seem to care.
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about 1 year ago

he is an asshole and an idiot you can do better

CJ Grace, Infidelity Author

about 1 year ago

Sadly, the older married man going crazy over a gold-digging younger woman is a stereotype because it happens so frequently. When I was doing the... read more

Lisa Arends

about 1 year ago

Wow. I am so sorry. <br> <br>Although the situations are different, I also had a husband that seemed to go off the deep end during our marriage... read more

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