Husband went on a road trip a few weeks ago and didn't come home. We hadn't had a fight and I thought we were fairly happily married. I was so worried when he did not return home or call or pick up his phone. I thought he was in an accident. The next day after calling about 30 times he picked up. He's very nonchalant me told me he was confused and would not be coming home. It's been a couple of weeks and in the small amount of conversation he has allowed us to have he has made it clear he does not want to work on things and he wants a divorce. Kicker is I don't know where he is. I think he's about eight hours away. He left all his things. It was left to me to pack it all up and move it to the garage and now I'm waiting for him to come get his things. But he ignores my calls and he ignores my texts. I tried to start the divorce process but I cannot serve him because he will not tell me where he is. He promised he would file since he's the one who wants the divorce but he did not and he states he has not had time to do so. Kicker is I was giving myself injections for fertility treatment and I was planned to have an embryo placed next month. I've spent almost $80,000 trying to get us pregnant and he just walked away. I'm heartbroken, shocked, hurt, feeling rejected and abandoned, and becoming increasingly angry with him. In fact at this point I would say I actually hate him as a person. I'm trying to focus energy on self-care and thinking positively but it's really hard right now.