My husband has a second life. He has managed to make his self a webmaster and real estate license without my knowledge. He spends his extra mine on high class prostitut dating sits another car and I found out he has a child and has been paying support. I have found pictures on tumbler of him with very young women and even threesoms.. when I bring it to his attition he goes in a rage and denies it and everything will disappear.. I have stoped saying anything to him and I have found out to much and I'm worried about my safety at this point because it would destroy him if all this got out... another thing that worries me is he has all my private info and what he might have me mixed up in that I don't even know and my son.. I need to break away as soon as possible.. I can catch him red handed and it's like I'm seeing things or I'm the one doing it.. help me please I just don't know what to do .