I knew this time would come as did my wife of 6 years. We have been up and down and out of love since the beginning. We have a 5 year old child together who is the light of each of our lives. I own a business and she works part time. I am starting to worry about the division of assets moving forward as my business is growing. I pay myself a fairly fixed amount and am the breadwinner so to speak. I will obviously be contributing ongoing child support and alimony temporarily, but regarding the assets, from what I have understood, I have no other option than to give her half. Now, I know I can give up other personal assets of equal value to retain business assets, however, we do not own much else. I am worried this will put me out of business. She has claimed that she doesn't want to take the business away from me, but she has also mentioned that her looking after our son 70% of the time is the reason I have been able to build my business to where it is. Can we declare the business assets as not to be a factor, or does CA require ALL community assets, business and personally, be split equally even if both parties agree otherwise? I have talked to a business attorney who seemed to indicate a mandatory equal division, but he has no experience in divorce. Any ideas? I want to treat her fairly despite any past events, but I do not want to give her a share of something she doesn't want just to see her liquidate it for an extra sum to her alimony.