So it's been 4 months since my last post. That is when I found out that my husband of 10+ years was having an affair with someone who is 27 (he is 54). He immediately left our home and there is no chance of reconciliation. At this point in my life, age 56, I am faced with trying to heal from his betrayal and trying to reinvent myself. The pain is still so raw and I wonder if it ever goes away. I haven't worked in 8 years because I gave up my career to focus on his and travel with him. I've tried spending time with friends and family, online dating (for revenge probably), going to the gym, taking walks, going for long drives. I find myself wanting to spend more and more time alone. I still feel so much pain and emotion--I thought I would be starting to heal by now. Can anyone offer any advice or share their experience? Maybe I need a life coach to help me figure out what to do with the rest of my life? I tried talking to a counselor but it wasn't much help at all. Thanks in advance!