My name is new to this website and hope it can help me...I was with my ex for 6 years total we were married for 4 of those years we have a beautiful 5 year old little girl whom I feel terrible that she has to go through this..I chose to leave my ex husband due to verbal abuse and his crazy family of which are occasional coca in users as well as infidelity and many jail time it was just a chaotic relationship I couldn't live that way...I wanted a more stable environment for myself and my daughter and I knew I was never going to achieve that with him...when I left him September 2015 the harassing began among other things a year later it ended soon then he got a girlfriend the same girl he was having a affair with...I filed for divorce of which still to this day going through due to him being uncooperative filing paperwork to complete the divorce...when I found out he got a girlfriend I was happy I thought YES now his attention can go to her and now he can leave me alone WRONG...things are slowlying escalating he and I are both 27 years old his girlfriend is 19 years old...he is now tring to involve her in our divorce and custody...California law states that unless the parent is fit you have no choice but to have 50/50 custody...on Christmas 2016 he was to pick up the child 9 am he had to work thought so he said he wanted to send the girlfriend to pick up the child...I said no...he can pick her up at 2 pm she will be home with me so his gf showed up anyway she called the cops the cops sent her home becuz she is not on the court order to pick up the child so she left home and her and my ex husband left pissed an he later he threatened saying hes taking me to court just becuz I didn't give his gf the child I really wanted our divorce to be clean smooth divorce I had no attorney involved becuz again I wanted it to be easy for both of us today I was left with no choice but to get an attorney I'm a single mom now without no family to help be able to complete my divorce I need 1000 dollars by january 5 2017 I'm 27 year old girl just trying to move on