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Since 2012, DivorceForce has been a trusted destination for people affected by divorce. Our audience is comprised of over 1 million individuals seeking expertise as they navigate through the stages of the divorce process. Become a ProConnect Expert and promote your services for legal, financial services, mental health, divorce coaching, real estate & lending, and more.

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Included with your ProConnect Expert profile are in-depth tools such as real-time lead generation, SEO keyword rankings, consumer reviews, content & video publishing, and social media connectivity. If you're a professional who works with people affected by divorce, click below to schedule a brief call to learn how ProConnect can drive new business.


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As a ProConnect member, you’ll also have access to our Perks Program for the benefit of you, your co-workers and your clients. We are constantly sourcing new products and services to enhance our members' experience with DivorceForce. From funding and debt solutions to health and wellness opportunities, we provide our community with the highest level of cost-effective benefits.

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Sakara Life keeps our audience looking and feeling great with its plant-based meal plans.

Divorce Force Partners with Corporate Capital Direct

Corporate Capital Direct provides divorce funding solutions to our community.

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you can submit content for publication to our community.

Excuses from a Cheater and What They Really Mean
By Lisa Arends   •   Jul 10, 2020

A cheating spouse will often resort to a series of excuses, from projecting blame to reflecting on reasons for the infidelity, words which should be examined for their underlying significance.

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When Your Partner Financially Cheats on You
By Tayne Law Group, P.C.   •   Jul 08, 2020

Financial infidelity can lead to feelings of mistrust in a relationship, necessitating that both parties examine the larger issues at hand and map out a mutual plan of recovery.

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Tips to Survive Infidelity as the Cheater
By Laura Bonarrigo   •   Jul 06, 2020

Surviving infidelity is a difficult journey, especially as the cheater in the relationship, and takes a great deal of time and self-analysis in order to rebuild trust, gain self-respect, and begin to once again thrive in life.

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Breaking the Single Mom Stereotype
By Audrey Cade   •   Jul 02, 2020

Many unfounded stereotypes exist with regard to single mothers, ranging from a perception of increased promiscuity to a lack of education or desire to work, each of which has been disproven by a number of statistics.

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Considerations for Fathers Who Want Custody
By Stacey Freeman   •   Jun 30, 2020

Fathers who wish to pursue custody should consider what is in their children's best interests, taking into account factors such as work schedules and the degree of quality time which can be devoted to the children.

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