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Top 10 Divorce Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Now

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During a divorce, you’re typically surrounding yourself with support, from friends to family. But they may not fully understand the divorce process if they haven’t been through it. During this confusing time, it’s important you find the voices of those who have experienced divorce—both positive and negative. Listening to their stories can provide the right advice and support for your specific situation. 

Podcasts are a great way to hear from those who have experienced divorce firsthand. DivorceForce compiled a list of the top 10 we feel you’ll benefit from most. 

Give these a listen:

Divorced Not Dead

This Dear Media podcast just started in late 2020, with only 29 episodes, but has found its way to popularity. At number 33 in Relationships on the Apple Chart, Divorced Not Dead receives more than 30,000 listeners every month for a reason. Recently divorced at the age of 44, host Caroline Stanbury discusses how to make your life after divorce better than before. She covers topics from COVID-19 to sex to dating to the crazy new balance every new divorcee tries to manage. 


The Divorce Survival Guide Podcast

Everyone who goes through the divorce journey could use guidance. With all the financial, legal, real estate, and mental health decisions to make, many may even need a survival guide. Kate Anthony has provided just that with The Divorce Survival Guide Podcast. With the help of special guests, Kate has honest conversations about separation, divorce, and co-parenting. She also attempts to help listeners understand when it’s time to stay in the relationship and when it’s best to go. 


Heal, Survive & Thrive!

Mental health is often the most neglected aspect of the divorce process, but it’s just as important as other issues you’ll encounter along your journey. Life and relationship coach Stephanie Lyn ensures no divorcee forgets about their mental health as they attempt to heal from the dissolution, with her podcast Heal, Survive & Thrive! Episodes touch on a variety of topics, from rebuilding your life after divorce to why the narcissist didn’t love you. 


All's Fair with Laura Wasser

This podcast, with more than 30,000 monthly listeners, combines pop culture with divorce law, for an interesting listen. Celebrity divorce attorney Laura Wasser joins forces with It’s Over Easy chief content officer Johnnie Raines to talk with celebrities and experts about separation, divorce, breakups, love, and more. All’s Fair with Laura Wasser episodes delve into social and political conversations, as well as offering tips and advice. One of the biggest celebs Laura has spoken to: Kim Kardashian West.  


Divorce Goddess Podcast

This U.K. podcast is number 73 in relationships on the Apple chart. Divorce Goddess Podcast, hosted by divorce coach Tosh Brittan, specializes in mindfulness. Tosh attempts to help listeners learn new ways to speak and act with calmness, clarity, and confidence through the divorce process. Each episode focuses on a new divorce-related topic such as money, managing stress, astrology, narcissism, mindfulness practices, and more. 


Breakup Recovery Podcast

Although this podcast hasn’t released a new episode in three years, there’s a reason it still gets more than 2,000 listeners every month. Ranging from 15 to 30 minutes, Breakup Recovery Podcast provides tips and strategies in bite-sized episodes. Perfect for the ride to work, this podcast, hosted by Barbara Stevens, assists those going through a recent breakup, separation or divorce with guidance from herself, experts, and real people who have gone through it. Most episode topics focus on navigating the the world after the split, with episodes titled “How To Stop Holding Yourself Back And Find Happiness After Your Breakup with Michelle Chalfan‪t‬” and “How To Survive The Holiday Season As A Single Person with Martha Bodyfel‪t‬.”


Co-Parenting Past Chaos

This podcast is all about the kids. Co-Parenting Past Chaos gives you a firsthand look into the lives of April and Loren Kirk, who “discuss the trials, tribulations, and triumphs they encounter while attempting to build a positive relationship and productive communication during a bitter custody battle.” A unique dynamic, April is the wife of Loren’s ex-husband, and the two attempt to raise a blended family of six children. Episode topics include conflicting parenting styles, sabotaging relationships, healthy ways to argue, nannies, and more.


The Husband Help Haven Podcast

Specifically geared toward men going through separation or divorce, The Husband Help Haven Podcast offers advice, interviews with experts, and listener Q&As. Several episodes focus on ways to get your wife back, winning her over with space, fatherhood, friendship, boundaries, and attraction. However, the majority focus on separation strategies, how to forgive one another, and how to remain thankful.


Surviving Divorce Podcast

Although Surviving Divorce Podcast hasn’t released a new episode in approximately four years, there are more than 100 available to listeners, of which there are more than 4,000 per month. Divorce recovery coach, author, speaker, and host G.D. Lengacher covers topics such as grief, healing, loneliness, anger, finances, co-parenting, and more. Having experienced divorce himself, G.D. understands the healing process firsthand. Episode titles range from “Being Friendly With Your Ex” to “Jealousy, Anger, and Your Ex Dating.”


Divorce Angel Podcast

Divorce Angel Podcast is named after its host Tanya Somerton, known for developing a step- by-step divorce process for every client with her Army of Angels. In her podcast, she shares lessons she teaches her clients, provides insider info about legal and financial aspects of the process, and how to prepare and protect yourself. Episode topics include “What Should I Say to Friends About Our Separation,” “The Court Doesn’t Care,” and “Want to Separate and Don’t Know How?”

If you’re in need of divorce advice or legal expertise, search DivorceForce’s database of professionals specializing in divorce.

Written by Gregory C. Frank, Founder & CEO, DivorceForce

Gregory C. Frank is the CEO and Founder of DivorceForce.

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