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The Price of Tolerance

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By Bonnie Simpson
Apr 16, 2021

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Every woman has a list of things she will tolerate from her man in order to keep love alive. What price will you pay to maintain your relationship? Is there an even exchange between you and your mate?

For example, your mate demands full attention when it comes to talking about heart issues; but demands you set aside your heart issues for discussion at a later date. If you send out a distress signal to your love the need to talk, how do you handle a slow response or no response?

Granted, there is a proper time to discuss a matter. Why should you pay the price of rejection to honor your mate's decision to decline to talk about what is bothering you? A woman once told me, "You have to put up with something." I asked, "Do I have to tolerate disrespect in order to have a man in my life?" She said, "No. You don't have to tolerate disrespect, but some women do."

There is a popular consensus—we teach people how to treat us. What am I teaching my man when I allow him to dishonor me? Why must I tolerate his indifference toward me in order for him to feel like the man of the house?

Regardless of graphic stories about women who suffered and died loving a man who did not love them back, there will be women who talk themselves into ignoring red flags. What red flags? When he screamed at you as if he was talking to a dog—that was a red flag. You should have walked away. As you shared how much you loved him, and he called you every word except your name—that was a red flag. You should have walked away. When you got a phone call from a woman saying your man was her man—that was a red flag. You should have walked away.

What price have you paid tolerating a one-sided love? If you believe you are worth more than the price you're paying, invest in yourself the time and effort necessary to restore dignity in your life.

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Written by Bonnie Simpson

Bonnie Simpson is a freelance writer whose signature interest is writing content on matters of life, love, and family legacy. She is transparent about her experiences and straightforward with her thoughts on love, marriage, and divorce. View all of Bonnie’s article at WhatIsForworse.wordpress.com.

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