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The Importance of Diet in Your Daily Life

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By Taryn Kristal
Feb 10, 2020

Sakara sample meal plan
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Let’s face it, divorce is a full-time job. With the influx of calendar invites, attorney calls, court dates, parenting plans and so much more, it requires you to step up and assume CEO status of your life. You are forced to negotiate and contract decisions that will impact you and those around you for years to come. These are not executive decisions worth messing up!


Think of athletes and the way they carb up before a marathon or chug an energy drink before a game; it’s because the body requires optimal nutrients for maximum results. Are you fueling your body properly to make the most crucial decisions dictating the rest of your life?

I sure wasn’t at the time of my divorce. In fact, I was doing the opposite. Emotional eating is a real thing, so this stage of our lives can get a little out of hand in that department without us even noticing. 

I set out to learn from the holy grail of clean eating just how impactful the role of diet plays in our daily lives. “By choosing what I put on my plate, I choose the future I want to create for myself,” says Whitney Tingle, co-founder of Sakara Life. This isn’t marketed as a weight-loss plan (although a welcomed perk), but rather, as a lifestyle enhancement.

Since there is a stigma around “clean eating” and “plant-based” that tends to deter men from being open-minded to the experience, I recruited the CEO at DivorceForce, Gregory Frank, to embark on this adventure with me. Together, we candidly review a Week in the (Sakara) Life.


Day 1

Monday • 6:00 AM

Well, hello there, box of goodness at my doorstep! I am greeted by an impressive kit with all my Sakara essentials—food labeled by day and meal time, detox teas, probiotics, positive messages, and even a chocolate energy bar. Ok, I got this! 

If it’s true you eat with your eyes first, this company has nailed it. The packaging is top-notch. I feel healthier already. I check in with GF, and he is equally impressed by what’s in the box. 

Breakfast • 8:00 AM

They suggest no caffeine, so I try that. I follow the instructions and pour a bowl of granola and Mylk. It’s love at first bite! I tend to eat savory things—or nothing at all—for breakfast, but the indulgence of this meal feels sinful with an emphasis on the full. The portion appears small, yet is very satisfying.

GF: I love this. I just drank pink milk with my granola, called Mylk—so I guess it’s not even milk, but it’s delicious. Feeling full. No coffee! (I didn’t agree to this part, did I?)

Lunch • 12:00 PM

Super productive morning at work, but feeling the (non)caffeine yearning set in. I did have a detox tea, which was quite tasty; and no mindless morning snacking, because I actually was not hungry, nor does the program provide them. Double win! I check out the lunch: Youth + Beauty Salad. Yes, please. Although super convenient for on-the-go eating in its container, I decide to plate mine in a nice bowl and make it almost ceremonial to eat at my desk. Wow, a lot of leafiness comes out of this container. Dressing is on point! Yum.

GF: Busy with phone calls and clients all morning, so knowing lunch was one less thing I had to think about was fantastic. I’m not a salad guy, but this was pretty good. 

Dinner • 7:30 PM

Late dinner tonight. Finally home after the gym and all my carpool duties, but what a luxury having something waiting for me for a change—in my fridge! I didn’t have to worry about cooking a healthy meal for myself when all I wanted to do was veg out on the couch. No pun intended, Sakara! 

My daughter is thrilled with her leftovers, and I plate up a vegan pasta dish that on first glance reads to be interesting—but warmed up, tastes amazing. Truffle heaven. Overall, for Day 1, I’m feeling really good and energized! 

{Confession: I cheated. I had a cup of coffee with almond milk (keeping with the plant-based vegan theme here). I needed it before the gym, and the headache situation was real. Perhaps caffeine addiction is a good subject to tackle for the next article.}

GF: Don’t kill me, I totally cheated. I needed coffee before the gym (yes, we are even), but was able to get through my normal workout. Not having to cook dinner when I came home—best part of the day! I’m a pasta lover, especially when it comes to truffles, so I was rather skeptical—but this company nailed it. And I’m full! 

sample food from sakara life


Day 2

Breakfast • 7:30 AM

I beam with joy as I read the label on this morning's meal: Chocolate Love Muffin. Seriously, I get to eat a muffin with chocolate for breakfast? My daughter is equally in disbelief as I take my warm treat on-the-go for early morning carpool. I forgot to mention, it comes with Superfood Caramel. I mean, enough said. DELICIOUS! 

GF: Wow, a chocolate muffin—wasn’t expecting that. Per the suggestion on the label, I warmed it in a bowl with the caramel sauce and mashed it around like a lava cake. I felt like I was a kid, and it actually tasted like chocolate. I have a full day ahead, so hoping this sustains me. It wasn’t a huge portion.

Lunch • 11:00 AM

Feeling great—hungrier than I was yesterday at this time. I take a peak at lunch and decide to dig into it early, as I have a busy afternoon ahead. The Rejuvenation Bowl—I could use some of that! I’m a pretty healthy and adventurous eater already, so I was cool with all the elements in here. (Wondering how GF will feel about this one, as he is not so much...)

Huge portion. Ok, I’m noticing the pattern. Sweet mornings, which include smaller portions containing the natural sugar elements for that energy boost. Lunch is the largest meal of the day, filled with leafy greens and plenty of added goodness. Dinner seems to taper off in a well-balanced, perfectly satisfying way. I’m on board so far.

GF: This one is tough for me. I love the convenience, and I liked the way I felt overall yesterday, so I’m going for it. Finished ¾ and was fuller than I imagined I'd be. I may open that energy bar soon though. 

Dinner • 6:15 PM

I drank a detox tea with half of the energy bar before my yoga class. The bars are way better than the ones I have at home. I see a brand swap in my future. 

Okay, dinner time! I could get used to this no cooking thing. Southwestern Sunset Soup with a Chipotle Corn Muffin. I follow the instructions and fill a bowl with hot soup and a warmed muffin. Without exaggeration, it may be the best tomato-based soup I’ve ever had. I want to savor every bite, and the muffin has a hint of sweetness—it’s like the dessert portion of this meal.  Perfection! 

8:30 PM: I decide to have the other half of the bar (just because it was that yummy).  

GF: That was stellar. I love Mexican food—it’s a favorite of mine, and this was something I would order in a restaurant. My kids even tried it and approved! Today, I felt naturally energized, something I haven’t felt in a long time. I’m so dependent on coffee to give me that boost throughout the day, so this is quite a different approach. I only had half a cup this morning. Intrigued for sure!


The next few days played out similarly. The biggest difference was in how we felt. Personally, those Detox Teas made me pee, a lot—which made it feel detoxifying as advertised! My regularity was in check, and the bloating I assumed was my perma lower abdomen even decreased. I may coin a new term, “food breeds mood,” because both mine and Gregory’s emotional states shifted. Our tolerance levels and overall sense of being was more balanced, both in the office and at home. This benefit was something neither of us even realized needed a boost. Operating at an optimal baseline, especially while navigating emotional stressors and huge life changes, is a critical part of the process. The proof is in the pudding—or whatever avo-based yumminess they gave us!

We are sad to say goodbye to our “personal chefs,” but thrilled that Sakara Life has teamed up with DivorceForce to provide all of our members an opportunity to see (taste) the difference for themselves.

Visit DivorceForce.com to join the community for FREE, and receive special discounts on meal plans and programs. 

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