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Restyle Yourself Following Divorce

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By DivorceForce
Feb 04, 2021

woman getting a beauty makeover
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Your relationship breaks down, comes to end. Are you thinking about reinventing yourself? This is a very common sentiment.

DivorceForce had the pleasure of getting great input from Amanda Sanders on restyling after separation/divorce. Amanda is not only a fashion consultant, but she is one that celebrities look to for their own image setting.

Our interview with Amanda Sanders follows.


DivorceForce: Is a makeover for someone who is navigating a divorce more about them feeling good, or about preparing them to attract a new partner?

Amanda Sanders: It's a little bit of both. The post-divorce makeover should initially be about bettering yourself. You have to be happy with your look; only then, can you make time for a new partner in your life. 

DivorceForce: You state: 'First impressions matter ... When you project an image of confidence, you are more likely to succeed in both business and social relationships.' Can you explain why?

Amanda Sanders: Self-confidence is attractive to everyone and relevant in all situations. When you first meet someone, whether it is for business or for personal relationships, you must make sure to set a great first impression. Being confident means you believe in yourself and that other people should too!

DivorceForce: Are there differences between a makeover for a male versus a female? Are there similarities?

Amanda Sanders: Of course. Men and women both care a lot about their style and how they present themselves. Women, however, tend to care more about glamour and beauty when it comes to their makeover, such as new makeup and changing their hairstyles and color. But both men and women do have similar requests of change like 'to look younger' or 'to look more fashionable. Overall, they are pretty similar and want the same outcome, which is to better themselves and their style.

DivorceForce: What are the differences between career styling and personal styling? Does someone affected by divorce need both?

Amanda Sanders: Career styling is how people dress and how they are perceived based on their jobs. Personal styling digs deeper and is specifically about a client's personality and preferences. How you style yourself inside and outside of work can be very different scenarios—the corporate world requires business attire, but outside of work you may love to wear flashy prints and brighter colors. When someone is affected by divorce, they typically need their personal styling changed and not their career styling, because some jobs require a specific style or dress code that cannot be changed.

Being confident means you believe in yourself and that other people should too!

DivorceForce: Can you give us an example of a divorcee who turned their life around with the help of a re-stylization?

Amanda Sanders: One of my clients actually came to me not long after she finalized her divorce. She was seeking a whole new look to pick herself up from everything she just went through. In addition to clothes, she went on a diet and lost an impressive amount of weight. Because of her newly toned physique and self-confidence, she was happier, and her wardrobe choices reflected that. She is remarried now and feels she has finally found the love of her life. She has just recently become pregnant and is expecting twins in the fall!

Amanda Sanders is a fashion consultant and personal shopper. She has shared her style expertise through appearances on the Today show, as a TV personality on Bravo, and The Real Housewives of New York City. Learn more about Amanda at www.AmandaSanders.com.

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