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Real Estate Resources Everyone Going Through a Divorce Should Know About

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The marital home—and any other co-owned real estate—is typically the highest value asset to be split during a divorce. Determining who gets the home is a difficult decision. Plus, there are other factors that make the situation more complicated. Will one spouse buy the other out? If so, how? Will spouses continue to co-own a small business together, or will it be sold? How can someone going through divorce purchase a home? During this stressful time, you need answers. 

DivorceForce believes it’s integral that everyone undergoing a divorce receives answers to the aforementioned questions, and more, in an easily digestible and comprehensive format. That’s why DivorceForce created this list of divorce-related real estate websites, apps, blogs, guides, and professionals. 

Websites & Apps


Find divorce experts who specialize in real estate, including Certified Dirovce Real Estate Experts, insurance agents, mortgage lenders, property appraisers, and more.

CDRE Directory

The Ilumni Institute maintains a curated directory of Certified Divorce Real Estate Experts, professionals who specialize in the intersection of family law and real estate. 


Real estate marketplace Zillow can help you sell your current home or purchase a new one. The site also offers helpful tips and information about loans, selling, buying, and renting.


Browse homes and apartments for sale or rent. If you’re the spouse who’s moving out of the marital home, Trulia can be a great source. 


Full-service real estate broker Redfin helps sellers complete a sale with a discounted brokers fee of 1 to 1.5 percent. 


Realtor.com can help you sell, buy, or rent a home. The site can also give you a home value estimate, help you select an agent, and provide tips on selling.

Blogs, Articles & Guides

Spotlight: Real Estate Resources

DivorceForce highlights several aspects of the divorce real estate process including division of assets, negotiating a buyout selling your home, and how a realtor divorce specialist can help. 

Real Estate Divisions in Divorce

Authored by a licensed attorney, LawInfo’s guide delves into property division, who gets the house, whether or not the court can force a sale, and the division of investment properties. 

Dividing Property & Debt During Divorce

Legal publisher Nolo’s online property division resource explores the difference between community property and equitable division. 

Real Estate in Divorce

Legal database Justia explores home division, co-ownership, buyout negotiation, and sales. 

Buying a Home When Getting Divorced

Personal finance website The Balance explains how to buy a home while getting divorced. The author discusses quitclaim deeds, court approvals, and how to get a loan. 

How to Protect Your Real Estate Assets During Divorce

Real estate investing news website Millionacres gives top-level information about establishing an LLC and domestic asset trust to protect your assets. 

Divorce Client Checklist for Realtors

Although this guide is technically for realtor use, it may be helpful to show this checklist to the real estate agent you choose. 


Realtor Divorce Specialist

A realtor divorce specialist is trained and certified to work with divorcing clients as they sell or purchase a home. 

Insurance Agent

A home insurance agent can help you and your soon-to-be ex understand your current homeowner insurance. They can also find the best policy for homebuyers. 

Mortgage Broker

For those looking to purchase a new home or negotiate a buyout during divorce, enlist a mortgage broker to negotiate with the lender. 

Property Appraiser

To determine the market value of the marital home or other joint property for home sale or asset division, hire a property appraiser. 

Commercial Real Estate Agent

A commercial real estate agent can help you and your partner sell or rent an investment property such as an office building or restaurant. 

Find a real estate professional specializing in divorce on DivorceForce today!

Written by Gregory C. Frank, Founder & CEO, DivorceForce

Gregory C. Frank is the CEO and Founder of DivorceForce.

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