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Quarantined with Your Spouse: For Better or Worse

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By DivorceForce
Mar 13, 2020

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Are your emotions as clean as your hands right now?

As millions of people are being forced to stay home and break the routine of daily life, we will find ourselves spending more time with our spouses.

For those experiencing marital problems, this can be a very difficult time. But what if the coronavirus pandemic serves as an opportunity to shift all that negative energy and focus on taking the time to actually reconnect and communicate with your partner? What change can happen from scrubbing down those kinds of walls?


Here are three activities to participate in to reconnect and remember why you said “I do”:


Netflix and Chill.

Sometimes less is more, and watching a good movie sitting near your partner can be the best form of connection. Choose a film that sparks laughter and creates a natural basis of communication, make some popcorn, and relax! Or, choose a family-friendly movie for all to enjoy.

Divide and Conquer (in the kitchen).

Prepare and cook a meal that requires teamwork, with a delicious reward. Instead of formally sitting at the table, make a floor picnic to change things up. Put on some music, and enjoy each other's company.


Dust off the Monopoly, find the pieces to Jenga, and dig up that deck of cards from the draw filled with items you never use. Make a fun playlist for the occasion to have on in the background. Feel the nostalgia from your childhood, submerse yourself in the moment, and you may be reminded just how much fun you can have with your partner.

With all the unknown factors occurring outside the home, let’s take advantage of the opportunity to recognize—and be grateful—for all the things we can control.

If you are experiencing marital difficulties, please visit DivorceForcePRO to speak with one of our experts. To learn more about our Community, visit www.DivorceForce.com.

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