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Post-Divorce Health Goals

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By DivorceForce
Mar 31, 2021

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Divorce not only affects the two individuals whose marriage is coming to an end, but it can also impact an entire family and their health.

While divorce is certainly a period of transition, there are ways you can make this a time to set helpful and, most importantly, realistic health goals for your family.

Outlined below are a few of these considerations to keep in mind as you work to keep you and your family strong:


Find a Food Routine that Works

Consistently ensuring your family is getting the correct nutrition can be difficult to keep up with; and with the many changes that come along with divorce, this can easily be neglected. Opting for fast food or takeout may seem like a convenient option when you're busy juggling multiple things, but this can slowly form into a bad habit and become harder to break later on down the road.

While there's nothing wrong with indulging every once in a while, make it a priority to make your family's nutrition both fun and mindful. Eating healthy and having the right portions can help you feel better physically and mentally—there are even certain foods that can eliminate stress!

Remember, though your dinnertime may not look the same, planning meals and spending time sharing food with your loved ones is an easy goal to help stay connected and invest in your overall wellness.

Discuss Smaller Healthcare Details

If you've gone through a divorce, it's especially important to talk to your former partner about how you plan to move forward with health upkeep and appointments. This is especially true if you have children, or if you or your partner rely on the other's employment benefits for any sort of healthcare.

Take your vision care, for example. Although it seems like an appointment that is easier to push off and save for later, especially after the process of divorce, your vision can constantly change—and having the correct prescription ensures that your family is seeing clearly.

Fortunately, as you navigate post-divorce life and figure out what arrangements work best for your family's appointments, payment options, and any potential changes in doctors or vision benefits, you can rely on online resources to help with the adjustment in the meantime. As it's important to have the correct prescription, you can now get prescriptions checked and order prescription eyeglasses online. This can be an easy and convenient way to maintain your vision care needs during this time of transition. Staying on top of any vision changes is a manageable health goal to set for your family, and is something that can noticeably impact your everyday quality of life.

Open Communication

Divorce brings a lot of change for families, and it can look different for each one. Just as working to maintain physical health is important during this time, placing an emphasis on your family's mental well-being is equally as essential.

One way to show support for yourself and other members of your family during this time is to promote an environment of open communication. This can allow for issues, concerns, and struggles to be addressed head on, rather than bottled up inside.

Additionally, there are online divorce communities with a plethora of resources available to help guide some of these tougher conversations, and give you support and ideas on how to protect your mental health post-divorce. You can seek help for anything, from finding the right therapist to navigating family finances—all which can eliminate stress and promote a better emotional state.

Find a New Physical Activity

A large part of post-divorce life for many families is adjusting to a new schedule, living situation, and family dynamic. A good way to help encourage new healthy habits during this transition can be to find a new physical activity that you enjoy doing alone, or as a family.

Don't know where to start? There are online workout classes for beginners that you can take right at home, which is especially helpful if you are navigating a move or a new child custody situation. Working out can increase energy levels, give you a boost in endorphins, and help create a consistent routine and sense of normalcy during hectic times.

Divorce is a big deal, and so is the health of you and your loved ones. Strive to hit these health goals to promote a strong and healthy family to help reclaim your stride, post-divorce and beyond.

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