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Post-Divorce Financial Checklist: Part I

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By Adrienne Grace
Jan 11, 2021

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Your divorce is final!  You've come a long way, but you're not quite done yet. Even after the judgment is entered, there are many things you must do to be certain that the financial and legal aspects of your life are in order for this next phase of your life.

Use this checklist to help wrap important follow-up items after your divorce is final. Not every item may apply to you, but there are likely several for you to take care of:


Documents and Titles

1. Obtain a copy of the certified divorce decree; make extra copies and store in a safe place. Keep your marriage certificate (original or certified copy), as well.

2. If you intend to change your name, don't forget these places:

  • driver's license, car title, and registration
  • social security card
  • IRS records
  • life, health, and disability insurance
  • employer records
  • credit cards
  • bank, brokerage, and investment accounts
  • Professional licenses
  • title to real property
  • utility bills
  • passport

3. You and your ex-spouse will need to determine who will hold the originals of important documents, such as children's passports, birth certificates, medical records, religious documents, photographs, videos, keepsakes. One of you can keep the original, but the other should have a copy.

4. If your divorce decree requires the transfer of title to cars, motorcycles, or boats, prepare, sign and deliver the necessary documents to complete the transfer. {don't forget Step 8, regarding insurance on those items.}

5. Close any joint credit accounts: credit cards, department store charges.

6. Once joint accounts are closed, order a copy of your credit report, to ensure that changes have been made and there are no unauthorized charges.

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Written by Adrienne Grace

Adrienne Grace offers real-life financial planning advice designed to guide men and women through the hurdles of life’s transitions. She is an expert in financial transition due to divorce, loss of a loved one, retirement, and disability. Adrienne lives by the mantra, “It’s not about what got you here, it’s about what you do next.” Read Adrienne’s financial advice at FinancialTransitions.wordpress.com.

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