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    Navigating the Split With Divorce Counseling

    by Gregory C. Frank, Founder & CEO, DivorceForce • Jun 23, 2021

    Divorce counseling can help you navigate your split by teaching skills to effectively communicate with your ex and providing the necessary tools to move on.

    How to Stop Divorce Damage to the Kids

    by Marina Sbrochi • Jun 22, 2021

    It's important to minimize divorce damage to your children by offering constructive explanations and providing an outlet for them to discuss their feelings.

    How Do You Know If You Are a Good Candidate for Divorce Mediation?

    by Katherine Miller • Jun 21, 2021

    Mediation can be a more cost-effective and amicable route to divorce than traditional litigation, but is it right for you?

    An Owner’s Manual for the Second Wife

    by Josie Garrett • Jun 17, 2021

    A humorous take on the journey of discovery a new spouse may travel while navigating the pitfalls of a man who has previously been divorced, told from the perspective of his 'first' wife.

    How to Financially Protect Yourself When Going Through a Divorce

    by Gregory C. Frank, Founder & CEO, DivorceForce • Jun 16, 2021

    To financially protect yourself throughout the divorce process, establish legal separation, identify your assets and gather proof, liquify your assets, cancel joint credit cards, understand state laws, secure valuable property, reduce expenses, and hire an expert.

    A Common Bond with Elizabeth Taylor

    by Christine Mathieu • Jun 15, 2021

    Those with several failed marriages under their belt may benefit from assessing what it is they're seeking in a partner, and whether the true obstacle is an unrealistic quest for perfection.

    Why is My Spouse So Mean?

    by Patty Blue Hayes • Jun 14, 2021

    If you are on the receiving end of a toxic relationship, it's important to take a step back and recognize your feelings, observe the actions of those around you, and trust your assessment of the situation.

    Destigmatizing Divorce

    by Nina Restieri • Jun 11, 2021

    Rather than viewing divorce as an ending to be avoided, it's helpful to see it as a beginning of the next chapter of life, one that may in fact be far more fulfilling and joyful.

    Co-Parenting with Your Child’s School

    by Audrey Cade • Jun 10, 2021

    The key to successful co-parenting with a child's school revolves around both parties prioritizing the needs of the child over any personal disagreements, tendencies to be spiteful toward an ex, or a desire to monopolize control.

    How to Find the Right Child Custody Lawyer for You

    by Gregory C. Frank, Founder & CEO, DivorceForce • Jun 09, 2021

    To find the right child custody lawyer for you and your unique case, determine the ideal qualities you’re looking for, conduct online and word-of-mouth interviews with friends and colleagues, meet with multiple lawyers, and finally, compare.

    How Your Divorce Makes You Better

    by Lisa Arends • Jun 08, 2021

    Divorce, while a traumatic experience, can lead to growth and development in other areas of life, affording increased maturity, confidence, perspective, gratitude, empathy, responsibility, humility, fortitude, awareness, ingenuity and fortitude.

    Beating the Divorce Blues

    by Chris Armstrong • Jun 07, 2021

    The keys to moving on following a divorce include reflecting on the reasons the marriage failed, as well as being open to the prospect of new possibilities as you transition into the single life.

    Mutual Friends a Casualty of Divorce Over 50

    by Barry Gold • Jun 04, 2021

    In instances of divorce over 50, it's not uncommon for mutual friends to gravitate toward the female member of the couple following the split, leaving her male counterpart isolated.

    From Thriving to Engaged: The Story of a Single Mom

    by Erin Silver • Jun 03, 2021

    As life circumstances change following a divorce, it's natural to go through a transition as you adjust to a new lifestyle.

    Best Practices for Selling Your Home During the Divorce Process

    by Gregory C. Frank, Founder & CEO, DivorceForce • Jun 02, 2021

    When selling your home during the divorce process, financially and mentally protect yourself, compromise with your ex, prep the marital home, time the sale correctly, hire a realtor divorce specialist, consider an investor purchase, and continue to pay your mortgage.

    Stereotypes of Divorced Women

    by Laura Lifshitz • May 27, 2021

    Stereotyping divorced women is dangerous territory, as in reality, many former spouses lean far from the negative portrayals they are accused of.

    How to Move on Following a Divorce

    by Gregory C. Frank, Founder & CEO, DivorceForce • May 26, 2021

    To move on following divorce, you should mourn the relationship, let it go, seek professional and friendly guidance, mentally prepare for the aftermath, focus on you, organize your financials, and consider dating.

    Are These Divorced Men Stereotypes Accurate?

    by Laura Lifshitz • May 25, 2021

    Despite being subject to a host of stereotypes, many divorced men are in fact quite reputable and accommodating to the needs of both their former spouses and children.