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    What Do Your Children Know About Your Divorce?

    by Barbara Rothberg • Aug 12, 2021

    It's important to be as honest as possible with children when going through the divorce process, while taking care not to let your own biases turn them against one parent or another.

    Celebrating Actively Involved Divorced Dads

    by Claudia Mansbach • Aug 10, 2021

    While many assume that fathers don't cultivate the same bond with their children as mothers, it's important to acknowledge those who go above and beyond to set a good example as a male role model.

    How to Help Your Only Child Cope with Divorce

    by Vicki Larson • Aug 09, 2021

    It's important for only children to feel like they have a supportive outlet following divorce, whether from both parents, other friends and relatives, or their school environment.

    The Daddy Double Standard

    by Eli James Yanna • Aug 06, 2021

    While fathers may approach parenting from a different angle than mothers, they are just as capable of nurturing children, taking on daily responsibilities, and fostering a loving environment.

    Obstacles for LGBT Parents

    by Allison Scollar • Aug 05, 2021

    LGBT parents are often subjected to unique obstacles when it comes to determining custody and defining roles and responsibilities in the event of divorce.

    Lessons in Marriage From an Adult Child of Divorce

    by D. A. Wolf • Aug 03, 2021

    Adult children of divorce have a unique perspective on marriage and its flaws, and may be more inclined to avoid the pitfalls they witnessed in the presence of their parents growing up.

    Love, Divorce and Valentine's Day

    by Dr. Kristin Davin • Aug 02, 2021

    While many couples feel pressure on Valentine's Day, rest assured that this too shall pass, and consistency in your relationship is far more important than overindulging on any one day.

    What I Learned Being an Adult Child of Divorce

    by Randi Levin • Jul 30, 2021

    No matter your age, being a child of divorced parents will likely continue to have an effect on your life going forward, making it essential that you stand up for yourself and cultivate an independent existence whenever possible.

    Have You Given Up on Your Marriage?

    by Christine Marie • Jul 29, 2021

    It's important to be aware of subtle signs in your marriage that may indicate a waning connection, a building distrust, or a general lack of effort being put in by both parties.

    Life Hacks for Single Parents

    by Heather Quinn • Jul 27, 2021

    No matter the age of the children involved, it's crucial for single parents to carve out some personal time to recharge, refresh, and rediscover their own personal passions in life.

    Di-Curious and Gray Divorce

    by DivorceForce • Jul 26, 2021

    DivorceForce recently spoke with Barry Gold, a "Gray Divorce" expert and self-professed inventor of the term "Di-Curious" to discuss the unique complications of divorcing later in life.

    What to Do with Wedding Relics After Divorce

    by Audrey Cade • Jul 23, 2021

    Wedding relics such as photographs, attire and jewelry can provoke unpleasant memories, making it advantageous to explore other options for preservation or repurposing.

    Stop Playing the Gotcha Game

    by Susie & Otto Collins • Jul 22, 2021

    While it may be a natural reflex to take on an accusatory tone with an ex, placing blame and pointing fingers will only make the divorce process more difficult in the long run.

    Why Divorce Brings Out the Worst in Us

    by Chris Armstrong • Jul 20, 2021

    By being aware of your actions and channeling a higher level of emotional intelligence, you can make strides to minimize the negative qualities often brought about by divorce.

    How to Overcome Divorce Expectations

    by Laura Bonarrigo • Jul 19, 2021

    Every divorce is different, which is why it's best not to have any false expectations of what your own, personal journey will consist of.

    Dear Divorce

    by Abby King • Jul 15, 2021

    While the divorce process brings with it undeniable pain and turmoil, it can also be seen as a new beginning filled with potential for future happiness and fulfillment.

    The Second Wedding Blues

    by Erin Silver • Jul 13, 2021

    While a second wedding may seem somewhat redundant and less "special," it should be treated just as significantly as the first, and celebrated accordingly.

    Missing My Daughter After Divorce

    by Lonely Dad • Jul 08, 2021

    Contentious divorce proceedings may lead to one parent or another being alienated from his or her children, making it difficult to maintain a healthy, ongoing relationship with them.