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DivorceForce & Fusion Family Wealth Team Up in Partnership

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By DivorceForce
Mar 08, 2021

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DivorceForce is excited to announce its new partnership with Fusion Family Wealth, an independent firm providing investment management services and wealth planning strategies. As our exclusive financial partner for managed assets of more than $2 million, Fusion Family Wealth will educate and assist the members of the DivorceForce community.

"Divorce is a highly emotional event, and it's crucial to have the right team of experts helping you make smart decisions," says DivorceForce CEO Gregory C. Frank. "Jonathan Blau and his team at Fusion Family Wealth specialize in behavioral investment counseling, which is a perfect strategy for our audience with investable funds of at least $2 million. Many times, the non-monied spouse lacks the investment experience to not only grow his or her savings, but to ensure that it doesn't run out."

Fusion Family Wealth explains that every investor—regardless of age, socioeconomic status, and education level—is pre-wired with emotional biases, leading him or her to make poor investments and money decisions under conditions of uncertainty, such as divorce. 

"As experts in investor behavior managing and/or advising on over $1 billion, we view the DivorceForce platform as an ideal gateway to helping the divorce community protect and grow their money," explains Fusion Family Wealth President and CEO Jonathan Blau. "We are very excited to be able to team up with DivorceForce to bring an approach to financial advice that we believe is much needed, but generally unavailable through traditional big-firm financial service providers, like the brokerage firms and trust companies."

The firm helps guide investors toward success by fusing together their decades of experience understanding traditional finance and the capital markets with the principles of behavioral finance. Fusion Family Wealth firmly believes this approach qualifies them to help investors whose emotions and propensity for money mistakes are further heightened during divorce.

Fusion Family Wealth offers behavioral investment coaching, which seeks to teach clients how to protect their portfolios from emotional reactions. They are an independent, fee-only fiduciary that helps clients stick to their planned investment strategies, instead of straying off course to chase the newest fads or sell in a panic reaction to the latest fears. Because abandoning your investment plan can prove costly, Fusion Family Wealth seeks to provide  clients with the necessary tools to help remain focused on the end-goal. 

"We can also help educate the clients' other advisory team members on the benefits of this approach by offering continuing education for CPAs and attorneys in the form of behavioral investment CPE /CLE courses, in addition to general interaction and professional collaboration to help achieve synergies for the client," says Blau.
To learn more about Fusion Family Wealth, check out their professional listing or their partner page. Partnership and sponsorship opportunities are still available. Contact ProConnect@DivorceForce.com for further information.

A copy Fusion's current written disclosure Brochure discussing its advisory services and fees is available at: www.FusionFamilyWealth.com. Please see important disclosure information at FusionFamilyWealth.com/disclosures.

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