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    How to Handle Extracurriculars When Divorced

    by Erin Silver • Aug 30, 2021

    Children's extracurricular activities can become a point of contention with divorced parents, which is why it's crucial to establish a plan that is mutually acceptable for both parties and explain it clearly to all involved.

    Evaluating How Far We've Come as a Divorced Family

    by Erin Silver • Aug 26, 2021

    Divorce is never a completely smooth process, but with a lot of work and compromise for the good of the children, it can be an easier transition.

    The Second Wedding Blues

    by Erin Silver • Jul 13, 2021

    While a second wedding may seem somewhat redundant and less "special," it should be treated just as significantly as the first, and celebrated accordingly.

    From Thriving to Engaged: The Story of a Single Mom

    by Erin Silver • Jun 03, 2021

    As life circumstances change following a divorce, it's natural to go through a transition as you adjust to a new lifestyle.