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Child Support Assistance

There are numerous services available to assist non-custodial parents with providing child support, should their financial circumstances change.

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Is Amicable Divorce Possible?

Amicable divorce is characterized by compromise on the part of each spouse, and can lead to a more healthy negotiation of assets and a civil relationship down the line, minimizing unneeded stress for both parties.

Spotlight: Bryana Turner Talks About Divorce Mediation vs. Divorce Litigation

by DivorceForce • May 28, 2020

Bryana Turner discusses the differences between divorce mediation and divorce litigation, and explains the benefits of approaching the process from a more amicable angle if feasible.

Beware the Divorce Courts

by DivorceForce • May 18, 2020

When dealing with the divorce courts, it's important to have a realist assessment of your net worth and plan expenditures accordingly, while attempting to settle as amicably as possible for the benefit of all involved.

Ways a Narcissist Will Treat Your Kids Badly

by DivorceForce • May 13, 2020

Narcissists crave feeling adored, powerful, and in control, and will often use this agenda to pit children against a former spouse in order to encourage favoritism.

How to Appeal Paying Spousal Support After a Divorce

by DivorceForce • May 06, 2020

Spousal support appeals may be considered in situations where it is believed the trial court made an error, in which case the process will be repeated before a new ruling is determined.

Spotlight: Claire Cappetta Offers Help for People in Abusive Relationships

by DivorceForce • Apr 13, 2020

DivorceForce talks to Claire Cappetta about her abusive relationship, and the measures she has since taken to ensure others are empowered to take control of their own situations.

Self-Care Tips for Divorced Dads

by DivorceForce • Mar 24, 2020

Fathers coping with the after-effects of a divorce should prioritize self-care in the form of exploring their emotions, focusing on physical and mental well-being, and reinforcing their relationships with their children.

The Hallmarks and Signs of a Rebound Relationship

by DivorceForce • Mar 20, 2020

It's important to assess whether your desire for a new relationship following a divorce is framed by the right reasons, rather than as a result of lingering anger, a need for distraction, or a yearning to fill an emotional void.

Is It Considered Cheating If You're Separated?

by DivorceForce • Mar 16, 2020

Cheating can be categorized a number of different ways, depending upon the particular situation and the personal understanding reached between you and your spouse.

Quarantined with Your Spouse: For Better or Worse

by DivorceForce • Mar 13, 2020

As emotions run high amid the Coronavirus pandemic, take advantage of time spent at home with family to reconnect, relax, and revitalize your relationship.

Spotlight: Leslie Shriner, A Story to Inspire

by DivorceForce • Jan 06, 2020

DivorceForce shares Leslie Shriner's story of inspiration, as she channeled her faith in order to overcome the obstacles faced during her divorce, all the while maintaining a sense of hope and optimism.

Spotlight: Christie Ray on Untying the Knot with Grace

by DivorceForce • Dec 16, 2019

DivorceForce talks to Christie Ray about the process of going through an amicable divorce, and the advantages to taking such a long-sighted approach.

How is Spousal Support Determined?

by DivorceForce • Oct 21, 2019

The determination of spousal support, or alimony, varies from state to state, and is often dependent on factors including the length of the marriage and the income required for each party to retain his/her respective lifestyle.