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    How to Negotiate a Buyout During a Divorce

    To negotiate a buyout, you’ll need to determine which spouse is qualified to buy the other out, decide on the home’s fair market value, and mutually agree on conditions.

    Top Tips to Prep for a Divorce Lawyer Consultation

    When preparing for a divorce lawyer consultation, conduct research about the lawyer and a typical session, gather personal documents, compose questions, consider your options, think about what you want out of the divorce, and contemplate costs.

    Top Factors Affecting Alimony Assessment

    Factors affecting alimony assessment include standard of living, duration of the marriage, financial resources, physical and emotional conditions, and marital contributions.

    How Therapy Can Benefit a Child of Divorce

    Therapy provides a safe environment for a child of divorce to process and work through their emotions before they lead to more problematic issues.

    Recent Posts

    Should You Stay Married for the Kids?

    by Christine Marie • Mar 11, 2021

    The question of whether or not to stay together for your children is one only a parent can answer, though the prevailing wisdom indicates it's typically best to part ways if the relationship is unhealthy.

    Warning Signs You Shouldn't Walk Down the Aisle

    by Christine Marie • Oct 20, 2020

    It's important to take note of red flags in a relationship before making a long-term commitment to someone who may not be the right fit for you.