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    Obstacles for LGBT Parents

    by Allison Scollar • Aug 05, 2021

    LGBT parents are often subjected to unique obstacles when it comes to determining custody and defining roles and responsibilities in the event of divorce.

    Reverse Mortgage: A Potential Solution for Gray Divorce

    by Allison Scollar • Dec 17, 2020

    A reverse mortgage may be a viable solution for those older couples looking to divide assets in a fair and equitable way, while allowing for the option of keeping the primary residence in the family.

    Peaceful Parenting When Three's a Crowd

    by Allison Scollar • Oct 29, 2020

    When attempting to parent with three parties, it's important to find compromise and common ground where possible, in order to create a peaceful environment for the children involved.

    The LGBT Biological Child Dilemma

    by Allison Scollar • Apr 27, 2020

    LGBT couples often experience increased difficulty in obtaining custody through the court system, in the event of the dissolution of a marriage or partnership where children are involved.

    Why is Gay Divorce So Expensive?

    by Allison Scollar • Jan 13, 2020

    Same-sex divorce is viewed very differently in the eyes of the court, and often requires additional measures—and costs—especially as relates to child custody agreements and division of assets.