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    You’re Getting Divorced: Now What?

    by Gregory C. Frank, Founder & CEO, DivorceForce • Sep 15, 2021

    Once you decide to get a divorce, it’s important to prepare for the next phase by conducting research, preparing emotionally, organizing your finances, discussing child-related matters, deciding the fate of the marital home, and building a dream divorce team.

    7 Keys to Maintaining a Healthy Relationship

    by Gregory C. Frank, Founder & CEO, DivorceForce • Sep 08, 2021

    To maintain a healthy relationship, openly communicate, share quality time, set realistic expectations, respectfully resolve conflicts, put in the necessary work, compromise, and care for yourself.

    Are Some Parents More at Risk to Alienation than Others?

    by Katherine Miller • Sep 02, 2021

    Parental alienation is most prevalent during highly contested divorces, or in instances where one parent has a borderline personality disorder.

    Becoming a Co-Parent

    by Lisa LaBelle, MSC, ACMHC • Aug 31, 2021

    Co-parenting should be treated as a shared effort, not a competition, with your shared children serving as the top priority.

    How to Handle Extracurriculars When Divorced

    by Erin Silver • Aug 30, 2021

    Children's extracurricular activities can become a point of contention with divorced parents, which is why it's crucial to establish a plan that is mutually acceptable for both parties and explain it clearly to all involved.

    Evaluating How Far We've Come as a Divorced Family

    by Erin Silver • Aug 26, 2021

    Divorce is never a completely smooth process, but with a lot of work and compromise for the good of the children, it can be an easier transition.

    How to Create a Healthy Divorced Family

    by Pam Mirehouse • Aug 25, 2021

    Creating a healthy environment for your children post-divorce begins with clear communication between all parties, as well as the setting of clear boundaries and expectations.

    Solutions for Your Step-Parenting Problems

    by DivorceForce • Aug 24, 2021

    DivorceForce recently sat down to talk with Colleen LeMaire, step-parenting expert and author of the "I Have" book series, about the nuances of creating a functional step-parenting relationship.

    How to Avoid Landmines in Your Co-Parenting Relationship

    by Heather Quinn • Aug 23, 2021

    Co-parenting following a divorce can function far more optimally by mapping out your respective schedules, communicating directly, and meeting in the middle when possible to minimize tension.

    Divorced Parents' Solutions for Sibling Rivalry

    by Lisa LaBelle, MSC, ACMHC • Aug 20, 2021

    Though reasons for sibling rivalry can vary, these conflicts can become more pronounced when parents divorce, necessitating the establishment of certain ground rules and expectations for all.

    Establishing a Co-parenting System with a Controlling Ex

    by Eli James Yanna • Aug 19, 2021

    It's vital to establish a co-parenting system that works for both spouses, in order to minimize the upset and upheaval in your children's lives.

    The Summer Planning Meeting for Divorced Parents

    by Karen Bonnell • Aug 17, 2021

    Summer is an ideal time to sit down with your co-parent to map out the subsequent months and collaborate on upcoming schedules and needs for your children.

    Things To Do with Your Child as a Single Parent in Summer

    by Wendi Schuller • Aug 13, 2021

    Summer activities can range from camp activities, street fairs and festivals to simply exploring your local and surrounding communities.

    What Do Your Children Know About Your Divorce?

    by Barbara Rothberg • Aug 12, 2021

    It's important to be as honest as possible with children when going through the divorce process, while taking care not to let your own biases turn them against one parent or another.

    Celebrating Actively Involved Divorced Dads

    by Claudia Mansbach • Aug 10, 2021

    While many assume that fathers don't cultivate the same bond with their children as mothers, it's important to acknowledge those who go above and beyond to set a good example as a male role model.

    How to Help Your Only Child Cope with Divorce

    by Vicki Larson • Aug 09, 2021

    It's important for only children to feel like they have a supportive outlet following divorce, whether from both parents, other friends and relatives, or their school environment.

    The Daddy Double Standard

    by Eli James Yanna • Aug 06, 2021

    While fathers may approach parenting from a different angle than mothers, they are just as capable of nurturing children, taking on daily responsibilities, and fostering a loving environment.

    Obstacles for LGBT Parents

    by Allison Scollar • Aug 05, 2021

    LGBT parents are often subjected to unique obstacles when it comes to determining custody and defining roles and responsibilities in the event of divorce.