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    9 Types of Divorce, Explained

    by Gregory C. Frank, Founder & CEO, DivorceForce • May 12, 2021

    The major types of divorce include uncontested, contested, collaborative, default, no-fault, at-fault, arbitration, mediation, and summary.

    Crossing the Finish Line During Divorce

    by Lisa Arends • May 11, 2021

    When faced with a difficult transition in life such as divorce, it's helpful to set some short-term goals to create a sense of purpose, and ultimately, achievement.

    Are You at Risk to Die by Suicide?

    by Patty Blue Hayes • May 07, 2021

    Suicidal thoughts can take many shapes and forms, and should be taken seriously in order to recognize and address them immediately.

    Sudden Divorce Syndrome

    by Dr. Kristin Davin • May 06, 2021

    Sudden Divorce Syndrome is often the result of a lack of communication between spouses and a reluctance to address the underlying issues at hand in the marriage.

    Mortgage Q&A: What You Need to Know When in the Midst of Divorce

    by Gregory C. Frank, Founder & CEO, DivorceForce • May 05, 2021

    DivorceForce asks Divorce Mortgage Founder Ross A. Garcia the most pressing questions about handling a mortgage during a divorce, from the biggest misconceptions, to when and how to remove names, and much more.

    You Are Worthy of Feeling Angry

    by Patty Blue Hayes • May 04, 2021

    Anger can be a valuable emotion, and should be recognized, expressed and released in order to move forward in a healthy, productive way.

    Mental Illness Destroys Marriages

    by Eli James Yanna • May 03, 2021

    It's vital to pay attention to signs of mental illness, as they may ultimately impact your marriage and cause long-term damage, eventually leading to divorce.

    The Trauma of Divorce

    by DivorceForce • Apr 23, 2021

    DivorceForce recently spoke with Rivka Edery, an experienced psychotherapist and author of “Trauma and Transformation: A 12-Step Guide.”

    How Will Your Divorce Change You?

    by Lisa Arends • Apr 22, 2021

    Divorce affects each person differently in ways that may be beyond your control, but having a positive outlook is key to weathering the storm in preparation for sunnier days ahead.

    Love Yourself through Your Divorce

    by Tara Eisenhard • Apr 20, 2021

    Self-care is an important practice at any time, but deserves special attention during such a potentially stressful, life-altering event as divorce.

    The Difference Between Lonely & Empowered

    by Laura Lifshitz • Apr 19, 2021

    By channeling feelings of empowerment following a divorce, you can focus on the positivity of your independence and solitude, rather than the negativity of loneliness and abandonment.

    The Price of Tolerance

    by Bonnie Simpson • Apr 16, 2021

    The ramifications of settling for negative aspects of a relationship may ultimately cost you your own self-respect, making it crucial to take note of the red flags and adjust course.

    Novels with Divorced Heroines

    by Lisa Thomson • Apr 15, 2021

    Enjoy this list of popular novels featuring divorced heroines to draw inspiration as you navigate your own divorce process.

    I Have PTSD and It’s Not All Bad

    by Paige Gorman • Apr 13, 2021

    There are times when a traumatic experience can provide the needed growth in life, as you learn from mistakes and use this insight to move forward.

    Music to Move You Through Divorce

    by Tara Eisenhard • Apr 12, 2021

    Though the inclination may be to crank up the sad, depressing songs during the divorce process, it's important to select tunes that breed empowerment and confidence as well.