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DivorceForce's Exclusive Financial Partner for Managed Assets of $2 million+

DivorceForce has partnered with Fusion Family Wealth to provide wealth planning strategies for those with investment assets of at least $2 million. Fusion Family Wealth guides investors toward success by fusing together their decades of experience understanding traditional finance and the capital markets with their expertise in understanding the key drivers of counterproductive investor behavior.

Fusion Family Wealth firmly believes that this approach uniquely qualifies them to successfully counsel investors whose emotional biases and propensity for investment/money mistakes are further heightened during divorce.

Fusion Family Wealth Offers:
  • Customized Wealth & Financial Planning Strategies
  • Unique Wealth Management Approach for Those Affected by Divorce
  • 100% Independent Fee-Only Fiduciary & Conflict-Free Advice
  • Behavioral Investment Counseling for Plan Endurance
  • More Than $1 Billion in Client Assets Overseen
  • Assets Held at Fidelity Investments

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