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Divorce is a new start, and we can help.

Let us guide you through the journey with expert advice and resources.

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Connect with an Expert

Find professionals for every step of the process — a marriage counselor during the consideration stage, a financial advisor during the initial preparation, an attorney during the divorce process, or a life coach as you begin the next chapter of life on your own. DivorceForcePRO can help locate a certified expert near you.

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    Andrew Samalin, CFP®, EA, CDFA™

    Financial Advisor

    Chappaqua, NY

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    Steven Gildin


    Garden City, NY

  • taryn-kristal-headshot ProConnect Badge
    The Resolvancy

    A Divorce Strategy & Coaching Firm

    Cold Spring Harbor, NY

  • Katherine-Miller-headshot ProConnect Badge
    Katherine Miller


    New Rochelle, NY

  • Douglas-Birnie-headshot ProConnect Badge
    Douglas Birnie

    Financial Advisor

    Reston, VA

We have you covered through every stage of divorce.

Find professionals, peers and services along your journey.

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Divorce Consideration

Learn about the resources available to guide you.

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Divorce Preparation

Connect with professionals to help you navigate through the process.

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In the Midst of Divorce

Let our growing professional network provide the guidance you need.

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Moving on After Divorce

Take advantage of the services available to help you flourish on your own.

Browse Our Knowledge Center

Review our original and branded content, written by divorce experts and tailored to your needs, taking in a wide range of relevant topics designed to help you navigate through each stage of the divorce process. The knowledge center offers answers to frequently asked questions, solutions to common problems, and advice for nearly every situation.

Take Advantage of Our Partnerships

DivorceForce has partnered with several top companies to assist you with your divorce journey: Fusion Family Wealth, to advise on investment strategies and plans; Compass Real Estate, to guide you through the home buying and selling process; Savvi, to provide self-employment opportunities for recently divorced women; Corporate Capital Direct, to supply business assistance.