Isn’t it GREAT when everything seems to be working out in MAGICAL ways? It’s just so easy to feel happy and grateful!

But what happens when all of a sudden you feel tested by life? What do you do when things start falling apart making you feel powerless?

Difficulties and problems become your focus and you start asking yourself disempowering questions such as “why is this happening?” or “Why is it not working?”

Let me tell you this…


More people than you think, even those who seem to have it all, go through tough times in life, we are all humans and no one is immune to challenges or negative emotions.

What matter is HOW YOU RESPOND to it.

Here are some of my favourites techniques I use when I am tested by challenges.

Self-talk and Beliefs

Don’t indulge in what your mind offers you by default. A belief is simply something you keep telling yourself and here is where your power stands…you can choose your beliefs.

Believe that things will work out for you.

Believe that solutions are available to you.

Believe that you have what it takes to reach your goal and that your step back is only temporary.

Acknowledge all that you have already achieved and how much you have grown.

Encourage yourself with words like “I can do it”.


Replace the word “problems” with the word CHALLENGE.

Let’s try something…

Say out loud: “I have a problem”.

How does it feel? Heavy? Overwhelming?

No say: “I have a challenge”.

Can you feel the difference in energy? I am sure you can.


Tony Robbins gives this powerful example: when a car spins out of control the driver’s instinctive reaction is to look directly at the wall or at the pole or at whatever else he may collide against. However because of the direction of his focus, the driver will end up crashing against the very thing he wants to avoid.

Life is exactly the same. You move towards what you focus on.

When you are faced with an unpleasant situation don’t let your mind loose.

Be mindful of your thoughts and your words.

Direct your focus towards your vision and goals.

Always remember this: you move towards what you focus on.

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From the age of 12 Sofia O’Hara’s life was a roller coaster. She grew up in an environment where love was highly conditional and experienced one heartbreak after another and ultimately hit rock bottom. But in November 2011 Sofia embarked on transformation journey that helped her overcome my heartbreaks, learn from her failures and shaped her perception and understanding of love. Sophia finally turned her life around and allowed herself to heal and rebuild life. She wants to share what she has learned and help others overcome their heartbreaks and unveil the lies about love. Sofia says, “Understanding the truth brings AMAZING breakthrough.” Learn more about Sophia O’Hara at