How To Find Articles That Matter To You.

NOTHING feels worse than not knowing what to expect, and not really understanding what is going on in your life during a divorce. It’s that gut-wrenching pain you feel when you get a call from your former spouse or the lawyer wanting to discuss alimony payments. It’s terrifying to the point that you are losing sleep. It doesn’t have to be that difficult.

On DivorceForce we have COUNTLESS articles covering subjects ranging from “What to do First?”, “How to move on from Divorce?”, “Finances”, to your mental and physical well being. The question you should be asking is HOW do I find what I am looking for exactly? This is how…

First, you will have to go to our homepage. (if you haven’t already, create a FREE account here.)

Second, you need to go to Topics.

There you will find all of the topics we cover on the site to date.

Now, select the topic you find that fits the question you have the most.

Once you have selected the subject matter, you will be brought to a page like this. Please select the articles tab on the upper left corner.

Now you may search the articles for an article that fits your needs.

You can also go to the top of the page and hit the magnifying glass. Type in a subject matter that you need to find and hit enter.