Breaking up a marriage isn’t easy for anyone, and tempers can run high. Keeping your cool during this emotional time makes the process less painful and has the side benefits of speeding up the case and keeping the costs down. If your spouse can’t control his anger, you need to use the court system to deal with the emotional abuse and dirty divorce tactics that he sends your way.


Cutting Off Communication

While it’s important to communicate during a marriage, personal communication with an angry spouse during a stressful divorce may not be a good idea. Once you are sure there is no possibility of working out issues amicably, continuing to talk to, text or meet with an abusive spouse is counterproductive. Hire a divorce lawyer experienced in dealing with angry spouses and direct all essential communication through her. If negotiations are necessary, engage the services of a court mediator to keep things civil.


Making Money Matters Easier

According to divorce experts at Family Law Rights, it is not unusual for an angry spouse to try to cut off your access to marital money to punish you. You can forestall this early by getting your name on all bank accounts and credit cards you’ll need to use until the divorce is completed. If you didn’t get around to that before the divorce is filed, your attorney should move for a temporary spousal support order.


Enforcing Court Rules

Another tactic an angry spouse may use to bully you is refusing to conduct the divorce proceeding in a responsible manner. He may refuse to provide financial information, provide incomplete information or simply ignore court orders to pay temporary support. Every state has laws that allow the court to deal with this conduct, and it is your divorce attorney’s job to bring these actions to the court’s attention. She can file motions to compel discovery or for contempt to obtain financial information, and seek wage garnishment or bank levy orders to compel support, according to divorce experts at Farzad Law Firm.


View From the High Road

Take the high road during your divorce, regardless of your spouse’s dirty tactics. Focusing on revenge will both empty your bank account and necessitate years of therapy to rid your life of the effect of all those negative emotions. This is especially important if you have minor children who may take the emotional fallout from both sides. Rely on trusted, supportive family and friends, and never share stories of divorce ugliness with your kids. If necessary, get them into therapy to help them deal with the stress.