Traveling through the land known as divorce is a lonely trek. Many people feel alone and overwhelmed. Your family and friends might be willing to listen, but if they haven't gone through a divorce, they may not understand your feelings. In a divorce support group , you will be surrounded by people who know what you are going through.

Being Understood and Validated

Divorce support groups can pay an important role in your healing process, according to experts at Generally free and often segregated by gender, divorce support groups give you a place and a space to talk about the pain and anger you are experiencing in a safe, judgment-free environment. This can be of immeasurable benefit to you during your divorce and after it's all over.

Learning from Others

Some divorce support groups are run by therapists, but others are organized and hosted by people going through a divorce. In some groups, you have the chance to share useful information with others going through a divorce. But even if a therapist keeps you focused on emotional struggles, you can learn a lot from listening to the stories of how other people handle the same situations and emotions you are dealing with. It also facilitated your own healing to help other people working through their pain.

Figuring out "Normal" During a Divorce

Many people wonder if they are going crazy as they ride the emotional ups and downs of a divorce. All the rage. All the tears. All the conflicting feelings. One of the benefits of a divorce support group is that you learn that what you are feeling is completely normal during a divorce.

As you listen to the other members of a support group talk, you'll find that intense feelings -- like despair, rage, helplessness and terror -- are not unusual. Believing you'll never love again or trust again is not uncommon, nor is hating your ex and missing him at the same time.

Finding Friends

The couples you were friends with during your marriage may not support you as your marriage ends, and, in any case, it's a great idea to develop a network of new friends after a divorce. Friends who never knew you as part of a married couple may feel more supportive of the adventures you embark on as a single person. A divorce support group, where you share the raw pain and sorrow of the end of your marriage, can lead you into friendships that last well after the divorce is done.

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