Spring is coming, or here … depending upon whether you live in the North or the South. On March 13th we spring the clocks forward and enter daylight savings. Many fire departments use this date as a reminder to change your batteries on your smoke detectors. At DivorceForce, we have a slightly different, but equally important agenda.

January and February can be dark months. The New Year followed by Valentine's Day is often a period of remorse and depression for those affected by divorce. The short days of limited sunlight serve as a metaphor for the generally low mood and overall mental well-being for people affected by divorce.

Happiness is obtainable. You need to spring forward. It is a conscious decision YOU make. As we turn our clocks forward on March 13th, think about what you can do to spring forward your life. Make it a great day; great month; great year; great life.

DivorceForce reached out to a number of our contributors and asked them for their advice on "springing forward" one's life. Here is what we heard from them …

"SpringForward by embracing forgiveness -- the gift that frees you from the pain of the past and empowers you to embrace a happier, healthier future ahead! "
~Rosalind Sedacca, Child-Centered DivorceDivorce
"When you've emerged from the hibernation of having a darkened heart from divorce, it's time to look toward the promise of spring. Now is the time to plant seeds of intention for something new to blossom in your future."
~ Patty Blue Hayes, Author, Heartbreak Recovery Life Coach, Speaker
"Positive self talk and strong self esteem is the key to a beautiful Spring..."
~ Ian Oliver, Author – Getting Back on Top – The Uncensored Guide to Sex, Dating, and Relationships After Divorce
"We can take charge of our attitude and actions, and thrive, even in challenging times."
~ Wendy Paris, Author - Splitopia: Dispatches from Today's Good Divorce and How to Part Well
"Spring forward to a better life that starts with gratitude for what you have today. Find one new thing to be grateful for each spring morning - by summer...you will be amazed at how your life has new life!"
~ Marina Sbrochi – Coach, Author – Nasty Divorce, A Kid's Eye View
"There is no better opportunity to begin life anew than after a divorce. Now is the time, your time, to shine! You've got this!"
~ Honoree Corder – Coach, Author of Numerous Books on Success
"The flowers never let the risk of a late freeze keep them from showing their beauty. Why should you?"
~Lisa Arends – Divorce Blogger – Lessons From the End of a Marriage
"To feel new roots, new vigor; we discover our fragile bud-of-a-self knows exactly what to do -- reach out to those who have been waiting for us to return! Breathe deep -- face to the sun, spring in your step -- live out-loud again. It's spring. You're back!! "
~Karen Bonnell – Coach, Mediator
"Don't dissolve. Evolve!"
~ Tara Eisenhard – Blogger and Author, The D-Word: Divorce Through a Child's Eye
"When you choose to stay in a toxic marriage, you are ending your life. When You Choose to Set Yourself Free, No Matter How Hard It Feels, You Are Starting to Live"
~ Laura Lifshitz - former MTV personality, blogger, author
"When the door of your marriage closes, another opens. Step into the beautiful life that's waiting for you on the other side."
~Sandy Weiner – Coach, Online Dating Support
"Divorce is the end of one part of your life and the beginning of the next. Do your grieving and when you're ready, spring forward into your new beginning."
~Karen Finn – Life and Divorce Coach
"Divorce provides you with an opportunity to grow."
~Joanne Michelle – Health Coach
"While you're springing forward and moving along with new hope, new dreams, and new healing, don't forget to do some 'spring cleaning' as well.
~ Pam Johnson – Blogger and Divorcee

What advice do you have for others? Inspire!