"I dare anyone to call this a broken home."

Just wanted to share one of my favorite excerpts by American essayist Barbara Kingsolver (photo above):

"In the catalog of family values, where do we rank an occasion like this? A curly-haired boy who wanted to run before he walked, age seven now, a soccer player scoring a winning goal. He turns to the bleachers with his fists in the air and a smile wide as a gap-toothed galaxy. His own cheering section of grownups and kids all leap to their feet and hug each other, delirious with love for this boy. … The cheering section includes his mother and her friends, his brother, his father and stepmother, a stepbrother and stepsister, and a grandparent. Lucky is the child with many relatives on hand to hail a proud accomplishment. I'm there too, witnessing a family fortune. … I am thinking: I dare anyone to call this a broken home."

Resolving feelings allows co-parents to build their child's family fortune. Need help? Talk to someone you trust, a co-parent coach, counselor, clergy…to heal your heart.

This article originally appeared at http://coachmediateconsult.com/a-family-fortune/ . If you are interested in reading the entire essay by Barbara Kingsolver, you can see at http://www.tucsonweekly.com/tw/09-28-95/cover.htm .

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