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6 Helpful Tips to Keep In Mind While Choosing your Profile Picture (by: Ian Oliver)

So you've already chosen the online dating source you're going to use, and now it's time to upload a profile picture to represent you on your chosen forum. Sure, you can go ahead and use a relatively recent photo taken at the last family picnic, but let's face it, you're approaching online dating to try something different, so why not take the opportunity to take a fresh photo for your new dating adventures. Who knows, the process may even help you see yourself from a completely new perspective…

You may be asking yourself, "Why do I even need a photo? I'm not comfortable with too much personal information floating around the internet, and besides, I don't believe that love is about what you look like. Why should it matter if I don't use a picture of myself in my profile?" Many studies like {this one from eHarmony} from the popular dating website, plentyoffish.com, show that you're more likely to get a date online with a picture. Still not convinced? Check out:



These forums provide user-written proof that having a profile picture really makes a difference. Think of online dating as sort of like…Thanksgiving Dinner. There are a lot of choices. Even after you've narrowed it down to your favorite dishes, (i.e. the profile matches with the most common interests or highest compatibility), there's still a lot on your plate. How will you chose? Scrolling through all those profiles and choosing who to connect with can be daunting. Seeing an uninviting silhouette can be an immediate dismissal for many online daters. It's all about cutting through some of the fat and finding the meat. Aim to put a wholesome, honest portrayal of yourself on display.

Without putting too much pressure on your photo, keep in mind that this image is your first impression on online dating, so have some fun with it and make that impression a warm, inviting one.


Check out other examples here or go ahead and peruse some existing profiles to get a sense of pictures that you find appealing. Note what you like about them & try incorporating those aspects into your own photo.

Stay Solo

You'll notice most of the profile photos are alone. Yours should be too. Although children, grandchildren, pets are generally acceptable, remain the focus of your photo.

Choose your Outfit

Chose to wear flattering clothing that says something about your personality. Ideally, your photo is not too close-up and you can get yet another chance to express yourself. Of course you want to remain modest online, but flaunt what you've got! There's nothing wrong with showing off your abs if you love to work out or wearing a great dress that accentuates your curves.


The backdrop is another opportunity for the pursuer get a little context into your personality, so take it into consideration when choosing or taking your photo. Love to cook? Snap a shot in front of the grill or in the kitchen cooking up a storm! You want to avoid cropping anyone or anything out of the image, so have the camera or photographer placed further away.


Uploading a selfie or two on your profile is pretty standard nowadays, expected even, but your main picture should not be a distorted close-up. Highly consider asking a friend for help or using a camera with a timer on it to take your photo. This allows you to take advantage of that outfit and background you chose.


The more photos, the better. Try to choose a range of photos, all taken fairly recently, that evoke different parts of your personality. You're online dating to try new things, to reinvent yourself and discover aspects of yourself you didn't know where there. Let your photo, or photos, display and embody you. You get back what you give.

This article originally appeared at http://2ndchanceatromance.com/6-helpful-tips-to-keep-in-mind-while-choosing-your-profile-picture/ .

Ian Oliver has advised and guided individuals and families with comprehensive financial advice and money management for over 28 years. His own divorce resulted in personal growth and discovery. He has used his experience to provide in depth direction and counsel to many couples regarding their transition from being married to divorced and to re-entering the single world. His book, Getting Back on Top, was inspired by the work with these couples as well as his own post-divorce journey. Learn more about Ian Oliver and his book at http://2ndchanceatromance.com .

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Having been out there and remaining there. Please make sure that the profile picture isn't twenty to twenty five years old.! I have met some that... read more

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