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Ask questions, share experiences, and meet others.

Enter our interactive Forums and share information on topics such as What To Do First; Custody & Visitation; Dating & New-Relationships; Child & Spousal Support; and many others.

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Search & communicate with your peers.

Connect and communicate one-on-one with other members based on your geographical location! Would like to chat with other in the same court system? In front of the same judge? Who have the same attorney as you and/or your spouse? Select from 12 search filters to find new friends to help you as you enter and navigate the divorce process, and then as you adjust to your new life.

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Create and share a Family Calendar with your ex, family members...even your children!

Divorce often leads to communication breakdowns, and children should not have to suffer. Spouses can now utilize our private shared calendar to sync parenting schedules, children’s activities and sports, holidays, carpooling, play dates, and other important events.

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The DivorceForce platform is available on iOS and Android devices.Exclusive content, Forum Discussion, and all functionality is seamlessly displayed on your computer, smartphone, and tablet devices.

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Do I have the right lawyer?

DivorceForce Premium users can rate and access reviews posted by other members only. Our custom survey asks the right questions…those you should always ask upfront, and then calculates the rating of your Matrimonial Lawyer (Judges, Law Guardians and Forensic Accountants available soon).

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