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  • Andrew Samalin ProConnect Badge
    Andrew Samalin, CFP®, EA, CDFA™

    Financial Advisor

    Chappaqua, NY

  • Steven Gildin headshot ProConnect Badge
    Steven Gildin


    Garden City, NY

  • taryn kristal headshot ProConnect Badge
    The Resolvancy

    A Divorce Strategy & Coaching Firm

    Cold Spring Harbor, NY

  • Katherine Miller headshot ProConnect Badge
    Katherine Miller


    New Rochelle, NY

  • Douglas Birnie headshot ProConnect Badge
    Douglas Birnie

    Financial Advisor

    Reston, VA

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Weighing the Pros & Cons: When Is Divorce the Best Option?
By Gregory C. Frank, Founder & CEO, DivorceForce   •   Dec 01, 2021

When considering divorce, weigh the pros and cons. The former includes relief from consistent arguments, dating new people, and creating a positive environment for your kids, while the latter involves costly financial fees, family and friends picking sides, and emotional exhaustion.

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Rediscovering You: A Guide to Post-Divorce Life
By Gregory C. Frank, Founder & CEO, DivorceForce   •   Nov 23, 2021

To rediscover yourself post-divorce, work through your emotions, try new things, enjoy your alone time, date, and spend time with friends.

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Real Estate Resources Everyone Going Through a Divorce Should Know About
By Gregory C. Frank, Founder & CEO, DivorceForce   •   Nov 17, 2021

Here’s a useful collection of websites, apps, guides, articles, and professionals available to help with any divorce-related real estate needs.

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When Should We Tell the Children We’re Divorcing?
By Gregory C. Frank, Founder & CEO, DivorceForce   •   Nov 10, 2021

Parents undergoing a divorce should inform their children about it once they’ve mutually agreed to go their separate ways.

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couple having serious emotional conversation at their kitchen table
How to Repair a Broken Marriage
By Gregory C. Frank, Founder & CEO, DivorceForce   •   Nov 03, 2021

To repair a broken marriage, identify the reasons you fell in love, reflect on the causes of your disagreements, focus on repairing the relationship, practice listening and communication skills, learn to make decisions as a team, find new ways to connect, and speak with a professional.

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